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 Post subject: Mary Straker:An Alternative explanation
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:59 pm 
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Contemplating the Chronolgy and the mention of John Straker being a normal size at birth, thus putting the start of Pregnancy at around June the previous year, I found myself conjecturing about her behaviour...

It is possible that Mary Straker was diabetic

Let's look at some of her behaviour: Sudden mood swings, even before she was pregnant, could be symptomatic of hypoglycaemia- I'm married to a diabetic and although well controlled, she can exhibit erratic behaviour - pregnancy was a REAL Challenge.

In 1970, Diabetes was nowhere near as well understood as it is today and control was far less precise.
It is a well-known side-effect of Pregnancy because the growing baby has first call on the mother's glucose supplies. Furthermore, such babies tend to grow much larger, more quickly and would have been delivered early-assuming they survived.
Consequently, although appearing to be full term, John Straker could have been several weeks premature.

Mary's collapse on the stairs, at the climax of Confetti Check A-OK could well have been caused by a Hypoglycaemic attack, triggered by the evident stress she was under.

Comments anyone?

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 Post subject: Re: Mary Straker:An Alternative explanation
PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:42 pm 
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Some very feasible thoughts there! Set 'today' it wouldn't work, but yes, I could imagine Mary's irrational mood swings to be a symptom of diabetes. A very different idea !! ;)

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 Post subject: Re: Mary Straker:An Alternative explanation
PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:18 pm 
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could be,.........

it seems though, that most of her erratic behavior started with Ed not coming home and being a family with her, also the photos of the indi woman set her off the most. however, chronic diabetes could account for her extreme rage fits, and also the inability of john to recover without special medicine, assuming that he inherited part of the disease of all of it. Straker wouldn't tell anyone of this kind of stuff, just as much as he wouldn't tell Alec about his son being in the hospital when the transport was diverted to Ireland.
I like the bi-polar Mary idea. it really covers all the bases. the failed expectation of marriage, her high esteem of Ed being in the military intelligence, searching thru his things and finding the plane tickets to their honeymoon, not listening to Ed about the indi woman on the stairs, punishing Ed for being late by reducing his visiting time for the next visit, expecting Ed to do everything, call an ambulance for her son, find the right medicine, transport it over from America, failing her and john every time. showing no ability to display dignity during a crisis.
All of those could be explained by diabetes, but the bi-polar explanation just covers everything. after her pregnancy, she would be well aware of her blood sugar problem and even back then, [80's or 60's] she would be aware of her problem and have to be active in coping with those drops and highs. Especially with retard- I mean Rutland mooching off of her and Ed, and being so controlling of her concerning her involvement with Ed.


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